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Work hard and play hard

There is a saying, when you work, you work hard and when it is time to play, you play hard. But for me, when I love the work, I work play incredibly hard. Since late last week and over the weekend, I volunteered to help out in a seminar and it feels incredible meeting new friends and seeing lives changed. I was assigned to help out a deaf lady… huh? deaf? Yup, she actually created a challenge for the organizer to assist her. I admire her learning spirit and never give up attitude. Over the last 3 days, I had to typed out almost everything the trainer speaks on the stage so that she can read it from the laptop screen. I can safely say that i got about 80% of it. Starting from day 1 when she had a lot of apprehension till finally in day 3 where she got the courage to do group sharing, it is amazing to see how she grew up.

Her learning spirit is commendable. What about you?

Once in a while, I will get some emails asking me on the life of a full time trader and how to become one, hopefully they want to be a full time trader ASAP. A lot of training programs painted the picture of sleeping anytime you want to sleep, trade anytime you want to trade, make unlimited amount of money anytime anywhere and be financially free forever. I hate to burst your dreams but not that I am saying that it cannot happen, but it takes really hard work and commitment before one do get there and in this world, sad to say most don’t.

Hey, I am not being negative.

It failed not because trading cannot get you financial freedom, but it fails because one is not committed enough, believe in their dreams enough to pursue it till the end . Most just give up halfway. Talk to any traders and I am sure they will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work just to be where they are right now. The hours I put into learning and trading is a lot longer than my previous full time job but I love doing it. And when there is love and passion, the hours doesn’t matter. The frustration and setbacks will always be there but those are the walls to test you so that you will develop the courage and strength to jump over it. I don’t know about you but when I love doing what I do, it is not work but having a blast enjoying doing what I do.

So, my challenge to you. Ask yourself what do you want for you and your family? 2012 is coming to an end and in just less than 2 weeks, 2013 will be here. Have you done your reviews for 2012 and goals to be accomplished in 2013? If you have not, NOW is a good time to start.

A lot of people has been wondering what happen to this week YouTube? It is one of the rare moments where I did not give out any notice on not doing the weekly market updates. Apologies for that as I just got too tired and slept close to 18 hours on Monday, but then it is also a rainy day too, ke ke ke. I will be sending out the market updates via email to all subscribers right after this. So, if you have subscribe to my email list, do be on lookout for it in less than 1 hour. And if you have not subscribe to it, just subscribe it now on the top right side of this webpage and you will get the next email.


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