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Archive for November, 2012

Nov 12 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

When Obama had won the presidency seat, Dow Jones has the worse day of 2012. Is this a sign to watch out for? Moving forward, all eyes are now at European crisis and fiscal cliff. With so many hurdles ahead, can the market still be bullish or is this the start of bear markets? Straits […]


SembMar – double top on bigger picture

If one looks at SembMar using weekly chart, there is a potential double top being formed. It will be in play when the support of 4.20 breaks.


Ausgroup (on request)

Ausgroup is now supported by 50 day moving average but looking at price movement, it seems like too far too fast. A better entry would be somewhere about 0.41 where it is resistance turned support together with fibonacci 61.8% support.


Nov 05, 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

After a bullish run on Thurs,Dow Jones lost all its gains on Friday. With this week being a crucial week for the world, how will the market behaves? From the mother of all market, US to the biggest consumers in the world, China, are having their election and change of government, will the market behaves […]


Genting SP (on request) – broke out

Genting SP after consolidating for so many days, today broke out from the resistance of 1.34. Do watch out for resistance around 1.355 and 1.42.


Biosensors – hammer seen

Biosensors, after so many days of selling pressure, today formed a black hammer. This could mean that selling pressure could be dissipating. Do watch to see if there could be a bounce higher.


FrasersComm – high volume shooting star

FrasersComm today formed a high volume shooting stsr which could mean a potential end of the road short term higher if it goes below.


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