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Archive for October, 2012

Oct 08, 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

It feels good to be back looking at the market and I am looking forward to trading the markets again. Ben Bernanke announced QE Unlimited and market sells on news. On last Friday good Non Farm Payroll and Dow Jones could not held on to the gains. It sounds like a tired market after rallying […]


AusGroup (on request) – looks like end of the run…

Received 2 urgent emails asking if can buy AusGroup but looking at today’s chart, it is one black eye. Usually when everyone is thinking of buying, it means that the “Big Boys” has successfully tell a nice story for retailers to enter into the stock for them to distribute. Ended up, retailers believed in the […]


Oct 4, 2012 10:00AM Midweek Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan [InnerCircle]

With Straits Times in consolidation mode over the last 2 weeks trading in a range from 3040 to 3090, is this a distribution or accumulation to go even higher? With previous QE, commodities seems to have gone higher but this time, commodity counters such as IndoAgri, Wilmar, Noble Grp are just lifeless. What’s going on? […]


Market Updates:

It feels good to be back to market after a 2 weeks break. It has been a total blackout from market and news. It seems like market already priced in the QE news and market is pulling back from it. Like they say, “sell on news”! During the break, got a few tasks planned and […]


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