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Why am I so frustrated…

Over the last 2 weeks I have been missing in action. Mainly last week, I have been volunteering as a crew for a T.Harv event by Success Resources. It was in this event that I took 2 years ago that born a seed in me to help out more people in trading and enough of letting my previous event company of being just a pure profit oriented company. There is nothing wrong with being a profit oriented company but my objectives somehow clashed and that’s why I left and the YouTube viewers has grown from there. Thanks for all your support.

Why did I volunteer to be a crew?
How much did I get paid? None, nada, well actually I got paid breakfast, lunch, dinner and pleasant company of volunteer crews that have the same goals of serving new graduates. You can consider us the “core” team of a successful seminar but when things go wrong, we are being highlighted immediately. We were there right from the start, from setting up the event room, registrations, handouts, unpacking the flip charts to repacking the flip charts (groan!)  and to shutting down the event back to the original state. We got problems thrown to us as participants thought that we were paid staff of Success Resources and we must solve their problems no matter what. But why did we volunteer? Simple. The joy on everyone’s face especially during graduation just makes everything worth it. It is something that no money can buy and we as a crew knows that a new group of almost 300 participants will now go out and change the world.

Then what happen to this week?
Groan… When I do something, I will give my very best and my very best took all my energy away and I feel sick and have been sleeping almost continuously for 2 days. But what is most frustrating is that I saw a very good signal in CandleAlert giving me a bullish signal:

Good news is that I did take the trade right after the double blue arrow. Bad news: After waiting for 2 hours, feeling very tired, groggy and frustrated, I decided to take profit after 10 pips and went to bed trying to recuperate from my fever. Imagine my shock when I woke up 12 hours later. Some of you would say that I should have put in a trailing stop, but that’s on hindsight. When your own body is not functioning well, all you want to do is just close a position and don’t care about it.

But what did I learn?
I very seldom fall sick and if I do, it is mostly of fatigue. Everyone says health is wealth but everyone always say it only. The best investment is not KhongGuan for the dividend yield nor CapitaMall for the constant returns, but the best investment is towards your own health. Ask yourself, when was the last time you took some time off to have some exercise or pamper yourself instead of chasing the markets?

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