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Archive for July, 2012

Cosco – Bearish candlestick seen

Cosco Corp previously tried to breakout from 1.02 resistance but could not held on to it and closed lower. Today Cosco formed a bearish engulfing candle and there are bearish divergence seen. If Cosco close below 1.00 support, then it would not be good for the bulls.


VIX – bullish divergence seen

VIX is a chart of “fear” and so far the fear has subsided, but it is showing a bullish divegence. What it means is that there is a possibility of fear coming back to the market.


Starhub – will this be the one?

Previously Starhub did a shooting star (left shaded) and it fell for one day only before going higher. And today, it forms another shooting star and this time it is one big mother of shooting star. Will this be the one?  


Genting – Stabilizing

When Straits Times is down or up, Genting SP has been drifting lower with low volume. Seems like interest has been drying out. Over the last few days, 1.38 support seems to be holding which is also quite close to a rising window support from 1.30 to 1.35. It could be trying to bounce from […]


July 09, 2012 Weekly Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan

This Dow Jones bull is so masculine and is so hard to knock down. But weakness is to show. On Thursday, a slew of good news from Europe, CHina, Great Britain unable to push the market higher. It seems that the market knows that the Non Farm Payroll on Friday would be bad and Dow […]


Possible volatile day today

Which is why there is a full day webinar, and hopefully we will manage to catch some fishes. Schedule for today [InnerCircle]: 10:00am Mid Week Webinar (recorded) 2:00pm to 12:00am Watching market waiting for signals 4:00pm Singapore stocks briefing 10:00pm Market Briefing (recorded) Updated and improved CandleAlert has been released.


July 05, 2012 10:00AM Midweek Webinar with Jonathan Tan and Full day Open Room 2:00PM-12:00AM [InnerCircle]

Now with the market has rallied higher meeting the inverse head and shoulders target, what should we expect to look out for moving forward? Are we continuing to maintain the uptrend and go even higher? Or the European crisis been resolved? Or this is just calm before the storm period? What can happen to Singapore […]


Yawn…. Nothing to see and nothing to trade

With HSI coming back to the market tomorrow, with most of the movement should already been factored in, Dow Jones half day prior to the full day holiday for 4th July… This is going to be a slow week unless Europe “crisis” and Friday’s Non Farm Payroll. In the meantime, I will work on my […]


July 02, 2012 Weekly Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan

European Summit gave a huge shot of bullish news to the market and Dow Jones rallied more than 270 points. Will this bullishness brought forward to Hang Seng and Straits Times this week? Looking at individual counters, there are several counters that does not look bullish namely with banks. With bullish news and bearish news, […]


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