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May 24, 2012 10:00AM Midweek Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan (Open to everyone)

Yes, you see it right. This highly in demand webinar is open to everyone on this Thursday only as I foresee something unusual in the charts that if it does played out, there would be tremendous opportunity to be made.

Market did a strong rebound as per highlighted in this week’s YouTube.  Those that did not enter would be wondering if this is another start of a bull run till end of the year or the bear is just hiding around the corner especially after the tremendous bear attack since early May.

Join me in this webinar to find out more.

To access the webinar, please click on this link. The webinar room will open at about 9:45am

P/S: Do take note that the webinar room has a limit of maximum 200 pax. Once the room is full, the room will be automatically closed. There are no “standing room” available.

P/S 2: Due to time constrain, only Part 1 will be recorded.

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