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Market Opinion

It is just so hard to believe… can the market goes up when the bad news are just all around? Tonight Dow Jones is crucial. If Dow did not perform bullish, then high chance Asia would crack the support. The only small savior is that Dow and S&P500 have yet to break the support. Can US still save us tonight? As of right now (1:31am), it is already -44. Anything can still happen and only at 4:00am SG time, we will know if Dow can help HSI and STI go higher or push them off the cliff. Everything hangs in balance and it is all up to uncle ben. Banks sector (DBS, OCBC, and UOB are at crucial support whereas commodities, a lot of counters break their support. We have bearish and bullish signals at the same time. So, watch closely. This is not the time to tikam tikam (guess) on your luck

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