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Will not share much tonight…

as market is whipsawing. Yesterday Dow drop a lot, now swing up a lot. Basically market trying to decide which direction it wants to go. With Apple Inc and FOMC results coming out later and tomorrow, market is going to move within a range. Currently, market is “hoping” uncle Ben will say something about QE3 tomorrow due to European crisis. If there is a hint, market will rally. If not, market will sell down. So, it is a banker or player situation again (maybe a tie may happen).

Trade at your own risk because right now, the risk is quite high.

Therefore I will not post much tonight, but if anyone is interested:

  • IndoAgri and Noble Grp is a hammer on daily chart
  • KepCorp is inverted hammer at falling window at 20 DMA.
  • Biosensors at 200 DMA support


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