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And so the market falls…

If you have been watching my YouTube especially from 15:15 onwards, and over the last few YouTube, I have been mentioning that April 23rd is the day to be careful and indeed, bloodbath has started. If you have heavy long position, you do not just leave your position to fate. It is your money and if you leave it to fate, it is still your money. Can the market bounce higher. Of course. Can it go lower? Of course. But what is most important is your trading plan. No matter how much I nag and nag, the responsibility is still up to you. All I can say that it feels very different when you do have a trading plan.

There is only so much I say do or say but ultimately, it is your decision that affects you.

For those that have shorted, congratulations. For those thinking of shorting tomorrow, do remember that you are late to the party by a day and your cut loss will be a little bit further. For those that have long, set your trailing stop and execute it when the time comes.

My apologies if I sounds like I am gloating, but it is not. This afternoon when we were having a coffee session, I shared that as long as a person do not have any fear of cutting loss, then he/she is already half successful. All he/she has to do now is to plan a better strategy, that’s all.

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