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On the field seminar report…


Below is a report that was compiled by a fantastic trader and he would like to share it with everyone. He was at a large T3B briefing (Thursday) for graduates and this is what he wrote.

Disclaimers: The opinion shared in this posting does not mean that I agree or against. I just post it here for everyone’s knowledge and you will have to form your own opinion. By continuing to read this, you agree not to hold Jonathan responsible for your actions.

Below is the field report. All rights belong to the owner. Note: “???” means it is in chinese characters which this website is not able to display. Looks like I would have to activate this function at a later date if people send me more “chinese” sentences.


Below is all Mr.Keane shared…

On stock:

Keane shared a Clock… which he used the hourly hand to indicate the market sentiment. 12 O’clock being the Peak…( time to sell ) while 6 O’clock being the most pessimistic. He then asked the audience…which time frame are we in currently.

He gave his take on the economic cycle using the Clock. He said we are in the Beginning of a BULL RUN !!! And the time is 7 – 8 O’clock !!!

He said last Nov-dec Gathering he shared the the worst of the crisis is over…coz

1. EURO is saved by 1 T dollars printed by the European Communitee…at the last minute.
2. Chinese PM Wen said that the last quarter GDP was lowest…the trough. Chinese Economic is Policy driven. So, when the PM said that that is the lowest…you better believe him. Chinese unlike the Western Countries got alot of ammo to fire to boost up their economic sentiment.

Example: RRR

They can lower their Bank’s lending ratio from 20 to 19.5 to 19….up to 15 !!! Each 1/2 points lowered gives Billions of dollars injected into the economy !!

For those who read news on the paper… about Greek… currently it is solved… of coz, future will have GREATER problem…but that is for the future!!!

So, Keane said that he believes the current BULL maybe the STRONGEST BULL…before the next crisis come!!!

Keane also shared that stock market can turn from 9 O’clock to 3 O’clock in the event of major news or crisis. For example from CDO crisis to recovery …then back to Euro crisis. Major Crisis will “pop” unexpectedly.

So, he preached his usual disclaimer… ride the trend …but be prepared to CUT… follow the rules. IN stocks trading prepared to Give before take. NO Give NO Take! ?????????????????

He want everybody to remember 4 chinese character…

1. ??…which means in every danger there is opportunities

2. ??… Give & take….1st Gives then take back alot later.

He reminded the audience…doing business also needs to pay salary & rental & other expenses …so Cut Loss is trading expense.

Currently, we are in 7 to 8 O’clock…so Keane said market is alittle uncertain coz got alot of people CUT & take profits on every little BAD news. So, you will find that the trend is not so smooth. But he also said…all the BiG Boys already gone in & the BiG boys talk to BiG boys…when the last man sold his stocks…the BiG Boys know & already started to buy at the bottom.

Shanghai rebounded from its low from last Dec 2011. On hindsight, everyone now knows Nov 2011 is all time economic pessimistic for last 35 years. Of coz, from hindsight …coz the market got to rebound from its lowest point before everyone knows it is the lowest.

On Property

Keane mentioned it is different.

Property use to follow the stock market UPs & Downs but not now…due to Liquidity.

The problem is our population growth …whether PR or new citizen…all added up balloon to over 5million from afew years ago.

So, Keane shared that his view is that currently property market in Singapore is at 9 O’clock. Cannot BUY Cannot SELL. Those thinking of Buying…Don’t buy 1st…those already Bought…hold on don’t sell.

He shared he believes if next property crisis come…it will be 30 to 40% down.

Keane ends his talk by saying Crisis will come…& he is surely right about it. BUt the Timing …he dunno!!!

PART 2 of the talk is by Brian from Kim Eng…whom Keane earlier shared that somebody sponsored this Gathering.

Brian shared his service fro T3B communities as he is also one of the Mentors & knows T3B rules.

I left after listening for afew minutes.”


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