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It has been a year…

A year ago, I got an idea of using YouTube to share market opinion after attending an Internet course that I felt would help more people trying to understand charts. I felt that instead of looking at a “dead” charts wondering what this trainer is typing about, by using video, one would see the feeling and expression and it would be easier to convey the analysis and one would learn more. Below is the first video I created a year ago.

As you can see, the quality then was really horrid and since then, I have invested in better equipment and software. But little did I realize what I had gotten myself into and just 2 weeks later, I quit being a trainer in that company due to a difference in opinion. And so, it started my journey talking to a webcam every single week hoping more people would benefit out from using the video. And it has been a year of video sharing for almost every week which I hope a lot of people had gotten its benefits.

In this one year, I would like to thank a few groups of people:

  1. This group was students from the previous training program that managed to find me here from word of mouth as somehow I just “disappeared”, and no way for them to contact me. I thank you very much.
  2. Members of public mostly from the word of mouth, other websites/Facebook or from searching it over the internet. A lot of the people from this group do know technical analysis and just happen to find me unique and listen to me every week to see if my views relates to theirs. I thank you for your support.
  3. People that constantly share my websites with their friends. I really appreciate your help and I thank you very much for your support and sharing.
  4. Over the last few months, I have gotten a lot of critique, people that watch me and pin pointing my mistakes and every time I make a wrong analysis (but kept quiet about the right ones). I thank you for making me stronger.
  5. All others that I fail to mention and to you if you are reading this, thank you very much.

I am so looking forward to the next 1 year because I know, this year is going to be a very good year, not only for me but also for everyone. A lot have changed in the last year and I can feel that there will be a lot more changes to myself and everyone too. So, I look forward to another good year ahead.


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