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CandleAlert updates and termination

Over the last few weeks, I received a lot of emails asking when will I be able to release the CandleAlert to the public, and yes, i have been working on it. But over the last few weeks, I noticed that the failure rates has suddenly jumped and the percentages of success is not as nice as previously. Let me show you the results backtested from March 1st 2012 till now:
CandleAlert results

Although I still use it and still find it useful because it alerts me on when to be on lookout, I am not able to release it to public because the success rate has dropped to 50%. With 50%, one might as well use a coin toss to decide up or down, right? But because I have technical knowledge, I still find it useful and “manually” decides if it is a trade worth entering. If I release it to public, it will create a false perception and a lot of people will blindly follow it without knowing why.

That’s why I decided to take the hard step of not releasing it as it is just too dangerous. I was hoping that I could create a tool that people can easily use and perhaps make money out from trading, but I guess I set my goals just way too far. I guess that there is just no short cut to making money. And what they say is right:  Sooner or later, all robots will fail…

Thank you for your support and my apology for making everyone waited for this CandleAlert release but I have decided to abandon this project.


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