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A little bit on education

This was seen in yesterday’s evening using 5 min chart in EUR/USD. It nicely formed an ascending triangle and blast off higher when the resistance break. And if one missed it, there is a second chance (see left circle). And when it is about to top out, it displays several shooting star in a row (see right circle). Morale of the story: If one waited long enough, there will be opportunities just drop onto your lap if you know how to recognize it. Some people call it luck, but I say if one depends on luck without the correct knowledge, the luck will never come because even if showing it right in front of the face, one will also do not recognize the opportunity.

Even though this is a forex chart, price action will also be similar for stocks. So wait patiently for the right signals before entering. If one everyday goes looking for stocks with the expectation of catching a fish every single day, then not only will one be disappointed, but will also lose their hard earned money too.

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