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Project is a failure…

What have Jonathan been up to? How come got not much posting? Has he given up on updating this website?

After spending late nights over Chinese New Year sleeping at 5am almost every night, not to mention the complained that I got from my wife, I managed to come out with a crude screener for those trading EUR/USD and this scanner works in live trading (click on the chart to see the bigger picture).
If you see the chart above which is EUR/USD live now (click on it to make the chart bigger), it looks nice but after backtesting it, unfortunately this algorithm does not generate any profits.


Very simple. I programmed it to take profit $3 but lose $15.

Huh…Why did you do that?

Let me share with you my background first. I was a Microsoft Consultant previously and wrote ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software before moving on to IT network and server setup and support before becoming a full time trader. Although that sounds impressive, I gave up writing programs because of the programmer lifestyle (what lifestyle???) and that is easily 12 years ago.

Now, back to my problem. Although I still know the programming flows, I just do not have the programming skills to develop this further. What is missing is the money management part. Why give up now? 2 reasons: 1, a lot of people are not comfortable letting the computer make their trading decision, 2: I still believe the best brain are human and not the computer.

Therefore instead of a trading system, I decided to abandon this and instead, make this an alarm system for now. The above are the alarm that it found to go long position over the last 10 hours.


How much will it be???

That is the tough question, right? Too expensive, people will have a very high expectation. Too cheap, well, cheap must not be good, right?

Therefore, in order not to have people having too high of an expectation, I decided to give it to those that have subscribed to my email alert at no cost (yes, that means free) (told you membership has its privileges). Good or Great???

What’s the catch?

Good things cannot be free, right? So, what is the catch?

Well, the catch is because it is free, I do not want you to have a high expectation out from it. I want you to come from the skeptical point of view and you tell me if it works and does it help you in your trading. If you benefited out from this, just share my website with your friends. But if you lose money out from it, you cannot look for me, ok? ke ke ke, disclaimer applies…. ke ke ke

Now that you mentioned it, when can I have it?

That’s the tough part, which I know you will skin me alive. I have to rewrite it to be more user friendly and to type out the instruction manual out from it, which should take perhaps 2 to 3 weeks (maybe longer). In the meantime, I will try to improve the program to make it a better alarm system. Please do bear with me a short while more because I am really working really hard to make trading a lot easier for everyone, but I am only by myself. My options are open, and I don’t mind to be part of an organization if the roles are right.

Then, why announce it now when you are not releasing it yet?

Because I want to let you know that even though I have not been posting much, I am still working on the project and this posting is to let you have an updated information on what I have been working on. I am still around and constantly watching the market. I just want to stay in constant touch with you so that you know I will always have you in my mind. (damm, this sounds like a love story…)

Will you fear that with this constant updating, other people may do the same thing and copycat you?

Then let me ask who will benefit out from it? If by having other people/organization copycat me and do the same thing and you get the benefit out from it, wouldn’t it be good for you? Remember, the tool is first and foremost for me to trade, and if it benefits me then I would like to share it out with you. My frustration is a lack of alarm system because I am always busy doing other things like household chores, watching movie, surfin internet (boring stuff that full time trader does) and by the time I get to see the chart again, the trading signals has gone. Therefore, I came out with this alarm is for me to use. And if other people wants to copycat me, go ahead and if it benefits you, then great! I have pushed the education provider to a whole new level, instead of using celebrities to try to sell to people.

SO, cut the crap, when?

Soon. How soon? Once I get it cleaned up and with the instruction manual all written up, you will get it in your email. I am sure you don’t want a hard to setup and use software, right? Let me clean it up so that it is user friendly as much as I can. The trade will still be around, have patience as the next killing will be in March.

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