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Archive for January, 2012

Jan 19, 2012 10:00AM Mid-week Webinar (Open to everyone)

Market has been rallying and coming close to Chinese New Year. Can it still continue to go higher? Will STI goes up to 4200? No, make it 8400? Join me in this last webinar in the year of the Rabbit. Click here to access the webinar (5 minutes before it starts)


Sometimes the best money are made by not doing anything at all.

Right now, market is very overbought. It can still go higher but the risk is yours. I have been in and out from EUR/USD and doing nicely. Do note that there is a big difference between 5 minute chart and daily chart. When there is no trade in daily chart does not mean that there […]


My personal market opinion

Today STI closed -35 points after several European countries got downgraded, but looking at some charts, a lot of them closed with white candles. And market is still overbought. Which means that if you are thinking of longing, you are taking in additional risk. But can it go higher? Of course as it is only […]


Jan 16, 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

Singapore stocks on Friday was extremely bullish but right after that European countries got downgraded. With US having a Martin Luther King holiday on Monday and coming to Chinese New Year next week, how will Singapore stocks react? Find out what it is in this week video edition. Remember to let your friends know about […]


Jan 12, 2012 Mid-week Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

Market has gone higher over the last few days. Straits Times is in overbought territory. Can it still go higher? What can happen in the first month of January? Find out in this live recording of the webinar. Remember to let your friends know about this video, Facebook and weekly webinar (Thurs 10am). Thanks.  


Nothing to post tonight

Why? Because market already moved higher and it is now in overbought territory. Yesterday and today’s volume is a lot heavier as compared to the last 3 weeks. This sounds like pent up demand whereby too many people got itchy fingers and could not “tahan” anymore and have to buy something, especially when market is […]


Jan 12, 2012 10:00AM Mid-week Webinar (Open to everyone)

Market has been rallying over the last few days. Now that we are into the second week of January, will January effect play out this year? How high can we continue? Join me in this webinar to find out more. All you need to do is to click on the link 5 minutes before the […]


Hang Seng – Support and resistance level

Market always are forgetful. When it is bullish, it forgets the bad news, and when it is bearish, it conveniently forgets the good news. And it keeps on recycle it over and over again. Now that market is rallying, all I want is for market to go higher so that we have a clear direction. […]


FirstRes – who will win?

FirstRes has done an impressive climb higher and now is at the previous high before it collapse. If FirstRes can go above 1.61, bulls have hope. If FirstRes goes below 1.575, bears has hope. Therefore let the price tells you what he wants to do.


Yangzijiang (on request) – Bollinger squeezed within a trading range

Yangzijiang has been in bollinger squeezed for a long long time. If one really want to trade, then you can use a breakout of trading range with volume. Therefore watch the support and resistance lines.


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