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“Fearless” are making money…

Yeah, those that anyhow long without regards to any danger are indeed making money. It is so frustrating just to wait for the market to turn down but then, this is how the game is being played over and over again. I will still stick to my plan and wait patiently, but I initiated some shorts today. Looking at a lot of charts, a lot of counters have bearish candlestick but it needs confirmation tomorrow. Right now, Dow is +42 which means that it is green (duh…) Which means tomorrow it should not gap down but may open a little bit higher. But if it can go lower than today’s low, that is a higher chance that profit taking may be starting.
But do take note that this bull is strong, which means there is a high chance it is just a profit taking to go higher later. But right now, it is too early to tell unless uncle euro turns really moody.

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