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Yawn… How sleepy can you get?

STI today did a major movement. It was down a whopping -2.8 points… That’s what happen when Dow Jones, FTSE, HSI, major markets around the world are closed. Straits Times Index does not dare to lead until big brother opens for business. Anyway, it is just a continuation of previous upmove and been looking at charts just now, there is nothing to see except to highlight that Hyflux moved after it was mentioned in the YouTube. If you have not watch it, now would be a good time to watch it. Although there will not be much movement in the last week of the year, I am getting excited as I know, January and in fact, 2012 will be a good traders year. I am so looking forward to 2012 after this “calm before the storm” week.

Do remember to sign up for the email alert if you have not. I have decided that if an alert went out, I will not resend it to those that sign up after the alert is out as it would not be fair to those that sign up earlier. They will get the next alert onwards. Like I said, membership has its privileges. Nothing much to alert now as there is nothing much!!! Why bother to alert when there is no alert, right? It is all getting ready for 2012.

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