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Why 90% lose money in trading…

Note: I previously posted this on Facebook on May 12, 2011. I decided to put it in this website so that it can be referenced in the future. For those that do not know me before, I love to do presentation especially in front of a crowd. The bigger the crowd, the more “drunk” I get. This was written 1 1/2 month after I was given the choice to present in front of a crowd or do it for free in front of a webcam.

Today, Singapore banks volume surged as Bloomberg came out with such a wonderful report. Ever wonder why? What is buy on rumor, sell on news? If you are a retail investor, wouldn’t you read this news and rush out to buy bank stocks today? You will congratulate yourself on a good investment done. But if I am a syndicate player, wouldn’t I know that today, there will be a lot of people buying banks and it is the perfect time for me to offload my banks which I have been holding and find ready buyers everywhere? And if banks do go down the next few days, the retail investor will hold on as it is the best banks in the world. And this is how a long term investors are being born. If one knew chart reading, there is so much information that you can find out from charts.

Ever wonder why 90% of people lose money in trading? That’s because they only want tips. Even though they mention that they want to learn, and will learn everything that is being taught diligently, deep down, they still want tips. That’s why there is always old blood being washed away and new blood flowing in. Welcome to the world of trading. It is a dog eat dog world in here. Not everyone wants to face the truth because in order to be successful, it is not what stocks to buy. In order to be successful, one has to face oneself and face the reality.

I can only help but the ultimate responsibility is only oneself. Like they say, “You can only lead a horse to the pool. You cannot force the horse to drink.”. For those who knows me and have been reading my posting previously in the other forum, you will know once in a while, I will be a little bit long winded, but sometimes, best lessons are from the heart. Some asked why am I doing this in Facebook? So, let me share with you my reasons. Chart reading, if you do not practice it all the time, it is a skill that can and will get rusty. And after doing previews for the other company for almost 2 years, I get to see many crowds and it is always very painful to see them losing money unnecessarily. If I can help at least 1 to trade right, I considered that as my reward. That’s why I came out with the weekly video, so that first, it keeps me sharp by looking at the charts, and most importantly, second, it allows the public to feel what the market is doing instead of looking at a “dead” chart and have to wonder what it means. Will I make money out from the video? Honestly, no idea. My objective is not making money but if someone is willing to sponsor me, it is something that I may consider. I have been given a choice to choose the video or the company, I choose the video. Call me dumb or naive, but I feel a greater calling out there. Either that or it is my mid-life crisis calling. My wife says that this is the year whereby either I become blue chip or penny counter. People go for motorbikes or leather jacket, but I choose to become a weekly 10 minutes of fame.

Therefore, my mentor Tony Robbins always say, live with passion!

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