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Things to take note of when entering a counter

Things to take note of when entering a counter

1. Don’t be a hero to be the first one to buy/sell.
2. Cheap always get cheaper especially when you are longing or chasing it.
3. Preferably long on white candle, short on black candle. Safer to enter when the counter direction is on your side.
4. Do not show hand, enter the counter according to the risk that you can take.
5. Enter with the expectation that you can lose it and you will not take a big hit.
6. If Entry and Stop loss is given, that means you follow strictly, especially on the Stop Loss level. Do not complain when the counter have massive loss just because you did not cut loss. That’s your problem, and don’t ask me how or why.
7. Whatever counter being alerted is just my opinion. If you would like to trade it, please consult your authorized broker or remisier.
8. I may or may not enter the counter that I highlighted. If I have vested interest, I will highlight it.

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