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Now that market has rallied over the last few days, it is time to plan your exit strategy. We are now on Friday going into Christmas holidays. That means Monday will be a public holiday. Volume on almost all counters not only in Singapore but also around the world is very low due to holiday mood. But since it is a long weekend, there is always some risk that something may blow up over the weekend. Any of the European countries or the rating agency may felt that they want to play Uncle Scrooge and bah humbug the Christmas mood for everyone. Therefore, decide what do you want to do with your open position: Either take some profits off or set a trailing stop. And for those that missed this run, now is now the time to get frustrated trying to look for counters to buy. Everyone is in holiday mood and you are busy looking for stocks to buy? Think your stress level is not right. What I worry is that by the time January comes, when a lot of traders start to look for counters to enter, you would already be burned out from the stress. Take it easy and enjoy the slow period.

And do remember, if you have not sign up for the free email alert, just do it now. I will be sending out a “test” alert out later today at 3:00pm to make sure you can receive it. Therefore watch your mailbox from 3:00pm onwards (you should not receive it later than 3:15pm) to make sure it is working.

Merry Christmas everyone.

And thank you very much for your support.

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