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Archive for December, 2011

Mailing Alert – Do sign up for it as it is free

And you can opt out at any time without obligations. I subscribed to that services so that whenever I see something nice, I will send an email alert to those that are in the mailing list. If you are not in the mailing list, do remember to subscribe to it by just filling in the […]


Dec 22, 2011 Mid-week Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

ECB conducted LTRO and market flew higher but falls down flat. Dow Jones managed to recover its loss this morning. Christmas is just a few days away. Can we still hope for Christmas rally and perhaps window dressing? Find out in this live recording of the webinar. Remember to let your friends know about this […]


Dec 22, 2011 10AM Mid-week Webinar (Open to everyone)

Now that Dow went higher by 300 points, will it continue till next week? Christmas is this weekend and would it a “merry” one? Find out in this webinar open to everyone. All you need to do is click on the link 5 minutes before it starts. Click on this link to access the webinar.


Hutchison Port – Hammer in trading range

Today Hutchison Port formed a hammer. Although not a nice hammer as it is not near the low, nevertheless it is a hammer. Do watch your ESP before entering.  


It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s Dow Jones flying up high

Hi, I just got back. A friend brought me to Orchard Hotel Aura Club, think it would be my first club in more than 10 yrs. Think I better stick to my TA charts as he commented it is very funny as all the time he goes there, there will be some ladies that will […]


Noble Grp – Support at 1.055

It would be the evil twin brother of Jonathan if he secretly wish that Noble Grp would break below 1.055 but somehow the volume is not coming in. However breaking that 1.055 support, it would be really bearish.  


STX OSV (on request) – broke resistance turned support

STX OSV broke the resistance turned support of 1.15 and now is resting on the 50 day moving average.  Chart-wise, it does not look good if tomorrow it does not recapture the 1.15 level.  


Trading plan whenever you trade

I try to do the best that I can but do take note of the following statement. In trading, you need confidence, but over-confident kills. Follow blindly without having a trading plans is a sure die road one way. I can only do so much, by giving outlook via video that you can replay over […]


Sakari – no end in sight

Sakari today broke crucial support without any rebound. Plus it is now a confirmed downtrend. Next crucial support would be at 1.75 which is also a historical rising window support. Please do not catch a falling knife. At least wait till there is a bullish reversal.  


SembCorp (on request) – Humpty Dumpty at support

Today, all because of uncle Kim, STI counters staged a sell down and a lot of counters especially banks and commodities got hit badly. Sembcorp is sitting at “small” hammer support of 3.88. Breaking below that, one would have to consider. Now, it is all up to uncle Ben to perform tonight.  


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