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Archive for November, 2011

Sakari – no end in sight

As previously mentioned, Sakari rebound yesterday is weak and today collapse further. Next support to bounce would be at 1.75.  


Wilmar – seems to be supported by round number

Wilmar, despite the bloodbath close nicely at day high. Plus with 2 bullish candle, it seems like it is being supported by the round number $5.00. Therefore watch to see if tomorrow it can still be supported, especially when Dow is in blood red…  


Capitaland – Hammer at support but… Dow is not giving bulls any chance

Yeah, isn’t it funny that I am posting Capitaland bullish candle when Dow at this moment is -200 points? Well, a candle is a candle and if it is bullish but the next day did not get a confirmation, one would not enter, right? Only those impatient and want to chase or tries to make […]


Nov 24, 2011 10AM Mid-week Webinar (Open to everyone)

Do you think Christmas comes early or will it be a sour grapes? Join me in this weekly webinar where it is open to everyone. All you need to do is to click on the hyperlink below at about 9:55am to join in the webinar. It is open to everyone, so let your trading friends […]


OCBC (on request) – possible Diamond Top pattern seen

Before anyone thinks I made up this pattern, it is a real pattern. OCBC looks like a Diamond Top pattern and according to price projection, OCBC could go back down to the low support. Therefore be cautious. If price is not going higher, it is going lower as it is close to impossible for OCBC […]


PSL (on request) – penny counter running

Looks like you hit jackpot with PSL as it has been running higher. However as it has been running for some time, do consider taking some off the table. Remember to always protect your capital. Strong resistance to watch is 0.50, but don’t put all your hopes that it will reach there as it may […]


STX OSV (on request) – more bullish than Sakari

STX OSV is quite bullish as it closed higher than yesterday’s high. Next resistance to watch out for is 1.18. If market continues to be bullish, there is a good chance it will break this resistance. If break below 1.02, you will have to consider cutting loss.  


Sakari (on request) – weak rebound

Previously I posted Sakari where I mentioned that if Sakari breaks 2.14, it would be very bearish. You can read the posting by clicking here. Today (Tuesday) it is a white candle but the candle is not so “bullish” as it could not go higher or match yesterday’s closed. It can go higher but the […]


Wilmar – Hammer at fibonacci support

Today Wilmar formed a hammer. Although it is not a nice hammer, but nonetheless, it is a hammer. Therefore watch to see if it can go higher.  


Cosco (on request) – Bullish candle but… bad news?

Cosco today has a bullish piercing candle, however do note that confirmation candle is tomorrow (Wednesday). Which means the time to enter is on Wednesday, not on the candle day itself. Last I heard is that there are some company announcement which is not good (too sleepy now to verify it but you can find […]


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