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Archive for October, 2011

Kepcorp – Evening star spotted

Kepcorp gap up yesterday and today gap down. If tomorrow continue to go lower, it means there is a confirmation of evening star, a bearish candlestick.  


Banks – either they are consolidating or they are at resistance

Banks for the last 5 days could not go higher. This signifies that there are strong resistance nearby. But if it wants to go higher, that means it already has enough rest and got energy to break to the upside when time comes. Therefore watch the level closely.  


ChartingAcademy is fully operational

However, the old historical posting has some funny hyperlink in each of the post. Therefore, instead of spending the time to edit every one of them, I decided to start this new server clean clean. That means there will not be any posting from the 2 months it was operational. I just have to spend […]


CapMallsAsia – Hitting resistance

CapitalMallsAsia today showed a doji candle, which means indecision, at a falling window acting as resistance. Those that have long position, please set a trailing stop.  


Oct 17, 2011 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

Bulls are in and bears are out. The world rallied and this also pulls Strait Times higher together with all Singapore stocks. It was just 2 weeks ago that market was bearish but everything changed now, or is it? Find out what it is in this week video edition. Remember to let your friends know […]


Quick market opinion

Hi, Apologies for getting this website up for the last few days. I am experimenting with a few options and with so many things to do and so little time, it is very frustrating to not able to get this website operational as fast as I can. I gave myself a deadline, that this website […]


Oct 13, 2011 10am Mid-week Webinar (Open to everyone)

Now that the bull rallied stronger, is this a sign that the uptrend is back? Join me in this webinar to find out what to expect out from the stock market. Click here to access the webinar.


ChartingAcademy website being rebuild

Hi, Yes, you are in the right place. Due to some technical issues, i have to migrate to a new server and in the hurry to migrate, I forgot to backup the configuration files and all the posting, which means everything is gone… sob sob sob… Which means  have to rebuild this webite from scratch…. […]


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